30 kHz -22 dB

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  1. Jul 07,  · I have never received it so good ever at my QTH. This shows how good the MLA is! Time and date UTC, Local time. 7/ Radio: Yaesu FRG Antenna: MLA pointed north/south.
  2. David Bowie - Scary Monsters SACD kHz FLAC Converted from DSF to FLAC with DSDMaster Scaling Factor: dB Track | Format | Bit | Sample rate | Cut-Off Freq. | CREST Avg. | PLR Avg. | LRA | I-Loudness 1 - It's No G ry siaticomroundterdabicijarchosilkau.xyzinfo PCM 24 Hz kHz dB dB dB dB 2 - Up The Hi ry siaticomroundterdabicijarchosilkau.xyzinfo PCM 24 Hz kHz dB dB dB dB 3.
  3. (TCO 4) A communications channel has a bandwidth of 2, Hz and a signal-to noise-ratio (SNR) of 30 dB. What is the maximum possible data rate? (Points: 5) 10 kHz 20 kHz 60 kHz 67 kHz The antilog of 30dB is SNR = (because ts antilog will be 10 3) C max .
  4. Please Google “decibel” and click on the link for the Wikipedia article. Please read the introductory paragraphs, the sections titled “History”, “Definition”, “Properties”, and the sub-section “Acoustics” in the section “Uses”. Some excerpts from.
  5. Clinicians measure sound intensity in dB HL (decibels Hearing Level), i.e. dB relative to the quietest sounds that a young healthy individual ought to be able to hear. In a clinical audiogram test, pure tones between ca 2Hz are presented at varying levels, to determine a patient's pure tone detection thresholds (the quietest audible sounds) in the left and right ear.
  6. Range to 0 dBm Resolution dB Absolute accuracy ± dB 20 to 30 °C, at 50 MHz with coupled source attenuator, referenced to —20 dBm Output flatness ± 3 dB kHz to 10 MHz ± 2 dB 10 MHz to 3 GHz VSWR kHz to 3 GHz, input attenuator ≥ 12 dB Connector and impedance N-type female, 50 Ω Maximum safe reverse level.
  7. May 20,  · To reach dB in the same venue, you would need million watts. NOW think about it. Reply By Scott The threshold of pain is frequency dependent; and is also personally subjective to a slight degree. dB at 3 KHz is stupid, dB at 30 Hz is nice. Reply By Barry Human hearing sensitivity is at least 40 dB less at 30 Hz than it is at
  8. SN Ration: 85 dB; Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 30 KHz; Crossover Frequency(Low Pass): 40 ~ Hz; Crossover Frequency(High Pass): 40 ~ 1 KHz; Input Sensitivity: ~ 8 V; Heatsink Size(Length): mm; Fuse Rating: 30 A x 3.

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