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  1. There. Use there to refer to a physical or abstract place. Usually, if you can replace there with here in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.. Examples "There is an old haunted house." "We are going over there to eat.".
  2. “ There There is a miraculous achievement, a book that wields ferocious honesty and originality in service of telling a story that needs to be told. This is a novel about what it means to inhabit a land both yours and stolen from you, to simultaneously contend with the weight of belonging and unbelonging/5(K).
  3. Learning how to use there was and there were isn’t that difficult if you already know how to use there is and there are. We use there is for a singular object in the present tense and there are for plural objects in the present. In the past tense we use there was for a singular object and there were for plural objects.
  4. Synonyms for there at siaticomroundterdabicijarchosilkau.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for there.
  5. Jul 18,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Radiohead - There, There YouTube Radiohead - There, There (Lollapalooza Chicago ) - Duration: nicki mclovin , views.
  6. There is an adverb that means in or at that place. In this sense, there is essentially the opposite of here. This is what’s known as an adverb of place, which answers the question where an action is taking place. Many common adverbs end in -ly, like quickly, usually, and completely, but not all adverbs do.
  7. There is a dog in the park. There is a man at the door. There is a gas station down the street. There is a bus stop on the corner. There’s some wine in the bottle. Más sobre el uso de la palabra some aquí. Ejemplos de “there are” para plurales. Usamos there are con sustantivos en plural. There are three bottles of beer in the fridge.
  8. We use there isn’t (singular) / there aren’t (plural) to say that sth isn’t located in the place or doesn’t exist: e.g. There isn’t a book on the desk.

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