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  1. most present day orifice meter measurement installation. An updated version of this standard based on new data was issued in early by A.P.I. titled: Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 14, Section 3, Parts Several additional publications are available to simplify measurement by orifice .
  2. An orifice is a submerged opening with a closed perimeter through which water flows. Orifices are analyzed using the following equation: Q = CA 2gh where: Q = Discharge in cfs C = Coefficient of discharge from Handbook of Hydraulics, King and Brater, 5th Edition (or comparable) A = Area of opening in square feet g = ft/sec.
  3. Fit Locked ring Washers a flat washer on the rod end. - Lightly grease the orifice on the chamber top. - Fit a flat washer on the shaft and rod. Page 4: Adjusting The Shoulder Strap - Take the container cap off and carefully pour the rinse water into ADJUSTING THE SHOULDER STRAP the spray tank.
  4. The orifice plate, is being fixed at a section of the pipe, creates an obstruction to the flow by providing an opening in the form of an orifice to the flow passage. Orifice meters are built in different forms depending upon the application specific requirement, The shape, size and location of holes on the Orifice Plate describes the Orifice.
  5. The orifice flow meter is widely used for pipe flow measurement. The value of the orifice discharge coefficient for a particular orifice flow meter is needed to calculate the pipe flow rate from the measured pressure difference across an orifice in the flow path. Prior to changing the orifice opening size caused problems for determining the orifice discharge coefficient.
  6. For a fully contracted, submerged, rectangular orifice, the discharge coefficient Cd = If the contraction is suppressed along part of the orifice perimeter, then the following approximate discharge coefficient may be used in Equation , regard- less ofwhether the orifice bottom only or both orifice bottom and sides are suppressed ().
  7. Orifice Plate: The applicable diameter ratio range by the standard is between and but minimum uncertainty of the orifice coefficient of discharge may be achieved with diameter ratios between and and orifice bore diameters greater than or equal to inches. The orifice bore diameter used in the calculation of flow is a.
  8. Figure 4, - Inclined orifice model % CD I Since all of the models described above were carefully made (reamed, lapped, and polished) and inspected, it was decided to simulate a production orifice by electrical dis-charge machining orifices in a representative number of models. Four duplicate models.

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