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  2. OFF! Botanicals ® DEET-Free, plant-based repellent, with two-hour of effective protection view collection OFF! Active ® Sweat-resistant formulas for your energetic family. view product OFF! ® Backyard. Protect your backyard perimeter from mosquitoes.
  3. Define off. off synonyms, off pronunciation, off translation, English dictionary definition of off. adv. 1. From a place or position: He walked off in a huff. 2. a. At a certain distance in space or time: a mile off; a week off. b. From a given course or.
  4. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! off 1. Finished with one's work for the day. Often followed by the word "work." I'll be off at 6, if you want to meet me then. I need to get these presents wrapped before my wife gets off work. 2. Not attending work or school. I can't wait to be off on my vacation.
  5. be off 1. To leave a place or to depart to another one. Though formerly used as an imperative, this use is now rare. I'm just off to the bar for a few drinks, I shouldn't be there long. I think I'll be off, talk to you soon. 2. Of food, to be spoiled, rotten, or past its prime. This chicken is definitely off, it stinks! 3. To be slightly unwell or in.
  6. off definition: 1. away from a place or position, especially the present place, position, or time: 2. used with. Learn more.
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  8. Enjoy mosquito protection for the whole family. With OFF!® FamilyCare and FamilyCare with Picaridin you can take a hike through Mother Nature's backyard or simply enjoy a stroll through your own.

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